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Cumbria Sports Academy is owned and operated as a charitable trust. The facility is run by a group of volunteers with only two part time staff: a cleaner and a handyman. We provide facilities for the whole community from sports to rooms for functions and conferences at an affordable price.

We need help and advice to develop an innovative, modern and professional looking website based on a sports theme.

Our very basic website is at https://cumbriasa.co.uk and we have a hosting provider where we can set up a staging website.

We are looking to also retrieve weekly report data from a Mysql database which is already set up.

We also need to sell ourselves to generate more business and income and would appreciate any guidance from business or individuals with expertise.


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Cumbria Sports Academy

Cumbria Sports Academy,
Overend Road,

Cumbria Sports Academy, Overend Road, Whitehaven, UK