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Fletchers Fund is a small children’s cancer charity based in Carlisle, Cumbria but operating nationally. We focus our activities on enhancing art and play therapy support in Paediatric Oncology wards to enable children and young people with cancer to have an improved experience during their inpatients stay, in isolation, whilst they receive their treatments.
We also offer supplementary grants to eligible families under the umbrella term “making memories”. The grants are small and are to allow families the financial relief to organise a family memory making opportunity, or to buy new or specific play equipment and resources to improve their child’s quality of life.

This is an exciting time for Fletcher’s Fund. We are on the brink of a period of substantial growth, and this would be a wonderful opportunity for new Trustees to join our small team to make a genuine difference and succeed.

This is Fletchers legacy, and it is our hope that we can give to other families a little bit of the joy that Fletcher gave to us.
We are looking for a Team Fletcher Income Generator Hero. This superhero will join Fletcher’s Fund on a trustee basis to help us increase our revenue, find corporate sponsorship opportunities and ensure our revenue stream is stable and sustainable.

This person will work closely with the other trustees to work collaboratively on areas for corporate sponsorship and income generation, whilst keeping track of income adhering to our tight budgets. The ideal candidate will lead the team in the income generation endeavours, working closely and collaboratively with the other trustees. It may also be necessary to assist in the recruitment and management of volunteers for this same purpose. Someone proactive and creative, that can get stuck in is who we are looking for!
Duties will include, as an example (but not exhaustive) – sourcing and applying for appropriate grant funding opportunities, seeking, securing and maintaining corporate sponsors, encourage members of the public to support us financially.

We have identified areas we need to work on, and these include
• Income Generation
• Corporate sponsors
• Funding plan
• Grant funding
• Legacies
• Easy fundraising plus other online fundraising platforms •
• Regular monthly donors
• Donations of unsold stock from retailers

In order to achieve our ambitious aims, we now need to get creative with our fundraising, especially in the light of COVID. This will then allow us to reach more paediatric oncology units and help more families with children with cancer, and launch new projects.
Please note that due to our small size, a trustee will be required to dedicate an agreed number of hours a week / month to ensure that our workload is met and we can achieve our goals of growth and sustainability.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat.

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