Support to enhance children’s play at Maryport Church of England Primary School


I am writing on behalf of Maryport CE Primary School to request funding to support our innovative outdoor playtime initiative known as OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning). Over the past year, we have made great strides in enhancing our children’s play experiences and fostering their development through outdoor activities. Our OPAL scheme has allowed our students to benefit from continuous play opportunities, encouraging creativity, physical activity, and social interaction. Children have been actively engaged in activities such as den building, water play, mud kitchen adventures, and using loose parts to let their imaginations run wild. We have witnessed remarkable growth in their skills, teamwork, and overall enjoyment during playtime. While we have achieved considerable success with OPAL, we have been relying on resources kindly donated by our dedicated staff and parents. With school budgets stretched to their limits, we find ourselves unable to further enhance and expand the play areas for the children. As the colder months approach, we would like to create sheltered canopies over our mud kitchen area to ensure that children can continue to enjoy these activities regardless of the weather. Additionally, we have plans to establish shelters for small reading and craft corners, providing a cozy and inviting space for learning and creativity. We have also plans linked to student feedback to create large sand pits in the grassed areas. To bring these plans to fruition, we are seeking support. We kindly request your assistance to help us continue to develop and improve these outdoor play areas. Your contribution will not only enrich the lives of our students but also support our commitment to offering them a holistic and enriching education. Your support will make a substantial difference in the lives of our students and the success of our OPAL program. We sincerely hope that you will consider our request and become a valuable partner in our efforts. If you require any additional information or wish to discuss this matter further, please do not hesitate to contact me at 01900812299 or via email at [email protected]. We are deeply grateful for your time and consideration, and we look forward to the potential of working together to create a more engaging and enriching outdoor play environment for our students. Thank you for your support. Siobhan Dover Deputy Head teacher

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