Support the New North Cumbria Recovery College


We are looking for up to 8 desktop computers to be donated or traded in exchange for training in emotional resilience, mindfulness and relaxation skills. These computers will be situated within the New North Cumbria Recovery College which supports individuals to manage their mental health through innovative and lived experience ways.

The college features a co-production, co-facilitation and co-attendance agenda with professionals and peers coming together to promote mental health and emotional resilience.

Covering North Cumbria with a wide provision of courses both taught in person and online, the college will support anyone who would like to develop their skills in areas such as mindfulness, relaxation, coping in a crisis and alternative courses like Art and Knitting!!

The computers would allow us to offer individuals with no computer or internet the opportunity to come in and use the equipment for accessing courses and resources.

We offer a vast range of team building and emotional resilience/wellbeing packages and would be happy to trade a course or two for these computers!

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