Support CADAS before breakfast (from the comfort of your own home)


We’re looking for people to represent CADAS at online breakfast networking meetings for businesses in North Cumbria, between 6.45am and 8.30am, on occasional Fridays.

Volunteers would be invited to attend the online meeting with a member of staff on the first occasion, to see how the highly-structured agenda works and how members are asked to contribute, and then asked to step in occasionally when staff cannot cover one of the (weekly) meetings.

When doing this, you would be provided with a short (one-minute) script to read out, about CADAS’ work and what we need from the business community.

You would also have a brief opportunity at the end of the meeting to promote your own business, or anything else that you are involved in and would like to promote to the local community in any way.

Meetings are friendly and interesting if you are curious about local businesses and developments in the local business environment.

You may also benefit from volunteering with us by :

• Gaining an insight into our work supporting communities, families and individuals to minimise the harmful impacts of drug and alcohol use on their lives.

• Having a chance to take part in a range of training opportunities related to our work and to share your skills and experience with us.

• Being a member of a compassionate and supportive group of colleagues and co-volunteers.

• Gaining an opportunity to hone your presentation and networking skills and promote your own business or activity.

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