Strive College – business operation help


Strive College is a new Community Interest Company which has been set up to provide education and support to young people (aged 19-25) with learning difficulties. At present, once a young person with learning difficulties reaches 18 they have to leave their school, and will often end up unemployed and isolated at home. Strive has been set up to provide ongoing education for people to the age of 25, supporting them into further education, training and employment. The college will open in September 2024, initially with 10-15 students in Workington. We need to make sure that we have good policies and procedures in place. We have lots of experience in education and safeguarding, but would value someone (or more than one person) helping us who understands more of the ‘business’ side of the organisation. This might cover financial management, data protection, good management and governance and so on. We want to have these policies and procedures in place by June 2024. We are opening in September, but will be spending money and developing the premises, recruiting staff and students and so on over the summer.