Shelving desperately needed for charity shop stock


Samaritans is a non-religious group who provide help to those who are in distress and who need support.

The West Cumbria branch also runs a charity shop in Whitehaven; revenue from the shop is invaluable in ensuring the continuing delivery of services locally.

The wonderful generosity of local people making shop donations means that we desperately need some shelving built for the shop’s store room.
Apart from the need to create a much more effective stock system, accessibility has become an issue and we need to ensure that this doesn’t start to become a safety issue for our volunteers.

Can any business or individual with joinery skills help us to create some built-in shelving for stock boxes? The store room is not very large, no more than 3 x 3 metres? and we would probably only require shelving to two sides.

We would be extremely grateful for any offers of support.

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Samaritans of West Cumbria

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