New Whitehaven based charity seeking treasurer


West Cumbria Community Action Trust (WCCAT) is a relatively new Charitable Incorporated Organisation based in Woodhouse, Whitehaven and grown out of a social activism group locally.

WCCAT aims to build confidence and capacity in communities and enable people to take forward their ideas.

WCCAT was specifically established to elevate and empower the voices from community that are rarely heard, typically those who continue to experience high levels of poverty, unemployment or underemployment and poor mental & physical health.
These areas are used to projects being imposed that aim to address these challenges from ‘someone else’s’ perspective. These projects traditionally have not celebrated the community’s strengths and are rarely driven by local people.

We want to do things differently, involving community members in the design and delivery of projects to help communities thrive.

We are currently looking for a new Treasurer to join our Board of Trustees to help guide and advise us on financial concerns.

The role of the Treasurer is to help oversee the financial work of our Charity.

The successful person will need to be able to attend Trustee meetings as well as presenting at our AGM.

In total this means a commitment of approx. 15 meetings a year. In addition, there may be adhoc meetings with the Chair.

We are looking for someone with a passion for ensuring high quality services are given to people within the community and a drive to develop community driven services.

The successful person should have senior experience of Financial Controls –ie an Accountant or similar. Preferably we would like someone with an understanding of charity finance, pensions and legal requirements but this is not essential.

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West Cumbria Community Action Trust

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