Manual Groundwork Support for Growing Well a Local Mental Health charity


Job title: Digging out greenhouse for planting. Team size and trade (estimate): 3-man team, Equipment needs (estimate): Can be dug by hand however plant may make it quicker for moving material. Time required (estimate): 1-2 days. Timescale: Ideally would have completed in by mid-January. Job description: To meet our organic certification requirements, we need to grow all our produce in the ground. The existing greenhouse has a sand layer at an approximate depth of 200mm before the soil that needs to be removed. So, we can backfill with compost to grow in. Due to the good quality of the sand and fill, we would not need to remove it from the site; instead, we will reuse it across the site for paths, etc. There is good access for machinery with sliding double doors and a high curving roof. The size of the greenhouse is approximately 6m x 10m, providing a dig-out area of 60m2 at a depth of 200mm We have budget for plant or materials required.

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