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The Carnegie Theatre & Arts Centre is managed and operated by the Carnegie Theatre Trust, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.
The Carnegie operates a Music Centre which aims to promote collaborative performance through a variety of ensembles and music groups. The Music Centre takes place on Wednesday afternoon between 4.30 pm and 6.30 pm in the Carnegie Theatre and Arts Centre for 25 weeks of the year.
Students from the ages of 8 to 18 attend regularly and take part in a variety of music making experiences. These include Orchestra, Choir, Samba Drumming, Keyboard, Guitar, Saxophone Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Steel Drums.

We have also recently expanded the Music Centre to offer adults the opportunity to participate in an Adult Choir and Steel Drums Band. As well as practical music making, students are encouraged to attend Music Theory lessons to support their Instrumental and Vocal studies.
We are very proud that the Music Centre is now also able to offer the opportunity for our students to work towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold Arts Award.
We give our students a platform to experience music making, together with other young musicians, in a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere.

The Music Centre has grown in demand and outstripped our current space so rehearsals take place over two floors of space in the former Carnegie Business Centre which is currently unoccupied.

The Business Centre currently has no hot running water or heating and is in dire need of decoration. The Trust are therefore looking out for local business support to help us by either installing hot running water/heating into the Business Centre and/or decorating the Business Centre so at the very least our students can rehearse in clean surroundings.

Our long term plan for the Business Centre is to bring it back into use either as hireable space (meeting rooms etc) or long term lets generating an income for the charity.

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