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Give Us A Break 2010 is a small charity based in West Cumbria.

We are raising funds to build a short-break activity centre for children with special educational needs/disabilities (SEND) so that their families/carers can have a break.
Conceived in 2010 we have been raising funds since then to purchase land and build the centre.

How can you help? We need individuals who are willing to fundraise for the charity.

Opportunities for long-term, short-term or one off involvement.

Personal specification :
You are passionate about helping children with learning disabilities and their families/carers. You may/may not have experience of working with individuals who have learning disabilities.
You have fundraising experience, from organising a raffle/prize bingo or making grant applications, or you have no experience but want to try fundraising to add it to your ‘tool box’ or CV.
You work well in a team and as an individual. You are not afraid to ‘get stuck in’.
You are innovative and can think outside the box, bringing new fundraising concept ideas to the team.
You can are able to network, building the charity’s standing in the community.
As a long-term commitment, you are able to commit to 2 and 10 hrs per month, for meetings and fundraising activities; you can join us on a short-term basis or just do a one-off fundraiser.

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Give Us A Break 2010

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