General Building Survey wanted – Roof Space


St Peters Community Hall is a community building owned by the community of Woodhouse, Whitehaven.

It is used by different community groups such as dancing, exercise classes, music groups, taekwondo classes and Birthday Parties. The community hall is also the main base of the local South Whitehaven Youth Partnership.

We are looking for someone to do a general building survey.  There has been water ingress due to a leaking roof and prior to looking for funding to do a full roof refurb we want to check there is no additional water or other damage which we would need to be aware of and might need additional funding for.

Once the roof has been repaired the committee are looking to get more community groups to use the space such as coffee morning & afternoons, food hubs and toddlers groups, ensuring the Community Hall meets of the needs of people in the local community from ages 0 – 99+

If you could support our request please get in touch via Support This.

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St Peters Community Hall

Lakeland Avenue,
Whitehaven CA28 9QA,

Lakeland Avenue, Whitehaven CA28 9QA, UK