Fundamentals Employability Coaching Support – West Cumbria


Fundamentals is a training and skills building programme developed in partnership with West Cumbria Works, DDP, Sellafield, and ADAPT.

The programme is a combination of practical work experience and formal courses to boost employability.

Candidates will gain experience of project management, engineering and business functions through real work scenarios. The supply chain will deliver workshops throughout the week identify particular roles and the skills and experience required to fulfil these roles.

Candidates will have personal development opportunities and will develop their skills in teamwork, risk assessing capabilities, creative thinking, problem solving, enhanced communication protocols and develop their leadership skills.
This enables candidates to further develop their CV’s and gain skills which enhances their ability to gain employment.

To further enhance the chances of employment we would like to incorporate a coaching element to the programme therefore we are looking for four individuals to offer to support 12 candidates.

If you think you have the skills and time to support Fundamentals please get in touch.

Your support could literally be a lifeline for those seeking employment.

Supporting Files

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Draft fundamentals complete timetable XLSX 11 KB