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Growing Well are a targeted and specialist mental health intervention. We champion recovery through outdoor activity in our two Cumbrian market gardens. We will be bringing our unique mental health intervention to the Egremont community however we need your help to do so. To read more about our work, please visit https://www.growingwell.co.uk/. The project’s goals are to regenerate the old council growing nursery at Egremont into a safe space for people to work on their mental health. Transforming a neglected area into a vibrant space with greenhouses and outdoor areas full of growing fruit and veg for the local community. The project has been supported by The Copeland Council and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. In summary, the Growing Well project in Egremont aims to transform individuals, the site, and the community. As a charity every penny counts and there is a large amount of work that is required to get the site up and running to allow us to deliver our support to the local community. Job title: Electrical survey and reinstatement Team size and trade (estimate): 1-man electrical, Equipment needs (estimate): standard equipment. Time required (estimate): 3 days. Timescale: As soon as possible Job description: The project is dedicated to refurbishing the existing buildings and ensuring the site’s safety. Currently, we have not turned the power back on at the site because we do not know the condition of the existing wiring. This phase encompasses identifying the minor electrical repairs needed to restore the glasshouses and planting building to full working order while ensuring their safety. We would like to prioritize the electrical work in the planter building to ensure a safe working environment. Job title: Electrical connection of new modular building Team size and trade (estimate): 1-man electrical, Equipment needs (estimate): standard equipment Time required (estimate): 4 days. Timescale: start in late February. Job description: We will be installing a modular classroom unit on the existing hard-standing pad adjacent to the entrance of the site. This unit will serve as the cornerstone of our operations, providing essential welfare facilities, much-needed classroom space, and therapy rooms for one-on-one sessions with our beneficiaries. Additionally, it will house a small office for our dedicated Growing Well staff. The unit will need to be connected to power. There is a low-voltage cable that you will have access to, which runs along the front of the pad where the building will be placed. There may also be some minor electrical work that needs to be conducted inside the modular unit if it does not come pre-fitted.

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