Cumbria Youth Alliance – need positive male role models for their Positive Role Model Support Service


Cumbria Youth Alliance provides infrastructure support to organisations working with children, young people and families as well as providing direct support in a variety of settings such as schools, youth and community settings and their offices in Workington.
With a mission of “Working with and for young people to enable them to reach their full potential” they are now in need of approx. 12 -20 male role model volunteers to help with their youth Mentoring programme –  Positive Role Model Support Service.

Help is needed for approx. 1 hour per week between 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022 in the Copeland area to provide role model support through small group participation or direct x1 x1 support
If you would like further information Please get in touch for an initial discussion.
We will provide a DBS check and training as required.


Supporting Files

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Cumbria Youth Alliance