Charity looking for help with digital analytics


We are looking for someone with the right expertise, a little time and the desire to support the work we do to minimise the effects of substance use on individuals, families and communities across Cumbria.

Since lockdown we have been working – with great volunteer help – to improve our digital profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and on our website.

Our digital profile has become more important  than ever as during this time distributing leaflets and posters and face-to-face networking are tricky.

Now we are looking to hone what we’re doing to reach as many potential clients, and as many possible supporters and funders, as possible – targeting what we do, timing it better and making the content as effective as possible.

We would be asking you to gather and analyse data, particularly from our website and Facebook pages, and make recommendations as to how we can improve what we are doing.

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Cumbria Alcohol And Drug Advisory Service

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