Can you help us with plants etc for flower pot gifts? – Kendal


Our group were formed back in 2016 following Storm Desmond. We refocused our aims to support the community during the current COVID-19 restrictions, to provide support to the vulnerable and those who are self isolating and without friends or family close by to help.

The Project
We recently received some funding from Tesco to put together a project that our volunteers can be involved in but would also incorporate the local schools and reach out to people in the community who are feeling lonely at this time. Our idea is to bring some cheer to the elderly people in our community who are isolating and lonely, by gifting them a beautiful potted plant container/pot. This will be even more special because it will have been made by children from local schools.

Donations of compost/plants & containers (these can be plastic) will be used to increase the amount of basic materials we have to create our gifts.

Who’s involved?
We already have the support of many of the schools in Kendal who are open for the children of key workers for this potential project. They would include this in their weekly timetable as the children will have fun learning what the plants are, how to create a display and how to care for them. They will also design a card to go with the container.
Our volunteer network includes companies and individuals who have offered to do delivery services during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll prioritise delivery to the elderly people that our volunteers and Cumbria County Council have highlighted as particularly vulnerable and lonely at this time.

Thanks in advance :)