Can you help our junior teams to continue to play football throughout winter ?


Cockermouth Junior Football Club comprises of approximately 30 teams of both boys and girls and operates from the Tarn Close facility Cockermouth.

Unfortunately we can only play on our site during daylight hours, during the winter this reduces the time that the Juniors can come together to play football and train. Other facilities are inaccessible to us or are specific to a different sport.

To enable us to offer football as a sport to our juniors throughout the winter months we are in need of :

  • 2 portacabin type structures to provide storage for our equipment which is currently stored in car boots or coaches garages and to provide a Welfare Cabin for changing or shelter.
  • mobile flood lights
  • A ride on mower for our volunteer to cut the grass ( we currently  pay for a contract but would rather that cost was generated back into the Club for the benefit of the juniors.

If you can help with any of these items please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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Cockermouth Junior Football Club

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