Phoenix Project – Offering Community Support to aid Covid 19 Recovery


Phoenix Project – Civil Service Local North West – Employee Volunteering

We have all witnessed the impact of Covid 19 on our County, the UK and the World. The Phoenix project has been created to utilise the resources of the Civil Service to help support the Citizens of Cumbria in their recovery. Project Phoenix has been created as part of Civil Service Local North West.

The purpose of this community is, to bring together Civil Service departments and Agencies to collaborate and use our collective strength in each locality and to be a catalyst for positive change. We are aware of the vast amount of life changing work and support that has already been provided by the voluntary sector in Cumbria. Some of these support networks are now reducing as volunteers are shielding or returning to business as usual, causing the resource pool to be stretched.

We have a growing team of volunteers that have been released from their positions for 20% of their working week. We want to provide support that will continue to benefit individuals, charities, the community and businesses in the longer term.

We are able to draw on a wealth of business skills, government and personal connections, alongside local knowledge and understanding.

Currently we have a skills set we can draw from: • Ministry of Defence • Department of Work and Pensions • Rural Payments Agency • HM Prison Service • HM Revenue and Customs.

We will also use our previous experiences of:

  • Teaching
  • Project Management
  • Business analysis
  • IT
  • Research
  • Training Coaching and Mentoring
  • Planning and organising stakeholder engagement
  • Business Ownership

We want to provide support to third sector organisations and groups and be able to work alongside you.

If there are any gaps in support, we can potentially bridge that gap with our employees skills set.

We currently have strand leads for: • Homelessness and domestic violence • Tourism and economy • Employment skills and digital development

These remain flexible, as the areas that require our support become more apparent the strand leads can be changed.

Lock down is easing and the long term impact on individuals, the third sector and businesses are becoming apparent.

The Phoenix Project are offering their staff team as volunteers and are currently looking at what support is needed and to identify potential projects.

If you are interested in support please complete the attached Project Proposal Form and return to: by 30 September 2020.

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