Looking for 1 day community challenges for a group of graduates


At the end of September 2022, circa 90 graduate trainees will join Sellafield Ltd and embark on a two-year development programme. Around 75 of these trainees will work in Cumbria and, as part of their induction to the business and local area, they will each be required to undertake a mini community outreach project. It is anticipated that each project will reinforce the need for teamwork and collaboration, not to mention allow for an understanding of the area and opportunities / challenges within.


This year, we would like projects, each to last approximately 6 hours in duration and all to be delivered on the same day: Monday 3 October 2022.


We are looking for projects that:

  • Require teamwork for 6-8 people
  • Genuinely benefit your organisation or end users
  • Can be completed within the timescales stated
  • Are not weather dependent
  • Have priced any materials and equipment required (SL contribution will be limited to £500)
  • Have welfare facilities


Some examples of what the graduates have done previously are as follows:

  • Designed a Christmas catalogue to promote and market the pottery at West House
  • Develop a recruitment campaign for volunteers to support Victim Support
  • Plan an innovative and engaging fundraising event for West Cumbria Carers
  • Developed a Welcome Pack / Local Area Guide for Calderwood House to enable independence for the residents ;
  • Looked into the development of educational videos for foodbank users to ensure recipients get the most out of their packs ;
  • Looked into how the CAB can engage with/recruit a wider range of potential volunteers to be more sustainable;


Some examples of what should be discounted as a project, are as follows:

  • Anything which involves repetitive heavy manual handling;
  • Medium to high risk projects in relation to inclement weather in isolated locations;
  • Anything which involves working at height;
  • Anything which involves working with potentially hazardous substances (fumes etc).



  1. All equipment / PPE is to be provided by you, the organisation. Maximum of £500 from Sellafield Ltd can be used to contribute to the cost. The trainees will attend the specified location appropriately clothed only;
  2. You, the organisation will work with Sellafield Ltd to ensure a relevant risk assessment(s) is in place following notification of being selected;
  3. Lunches may be provided for the trainees by us. This will be discussed in advance;
  4. Each project will have between 5-8 trainees (depending on the amount of projects that are successfully selected – we don’t have a specific amount in mind);
  5. We will provide transport to/from the location (see below);
  6. All projects/activities must be completed on the date specified. Further, longer term – more sustainable – projects/endeavours may be considered following delivery of the scope.


Next Steps:

  1. Entries must be fully completed then forwarded to socialimpact@sellafieldsites.com by 0800hrs on the 15 July 2022;
  2. Entries will then be reviewed for suitability with results being announced on the 5 August 2022;
  3. The submission owner(s) of the successful applications will then be contacted and a meeting organised, in order to discuss/finalise finer details.


Project Details

Please complete each section in the attachment, attempting to keep your submission to 3 pages (max) in length please; and email to socialimpact@sellafieldsites.com

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