Support Group benefits from donated IT equipment

Allerdale and Copeland Autism Support is a local group for parent carers of children who have (or are waiting for) a diagnosis of Autism. They arrange group visits to local attractions, parties for the children and much needed day trips for members on a voluntary basis. They also support adults with autism and associated conditions. They meet monthly which can be a lifeline to their members, as living with disabilities can be very lonely.

The voluntary group posted a support wanted request on Cumbria Exchange for two laptops and a printer. The group is managed by volunteers who didn’t have the funds to purchase new equipment.

The request was matched by Morgan Sindall and one of its supply chain members O’Neill & Brennan.  Morgan Sindall donated a printer along with a supply of ink cartridges and O’Neill & Brennan two laptops. The equipment has provided the group with valuable equipment to help with running and promoting of the support group.

Wendy Askew, Chair Autism Support Allerdale and Copeland commented “Many thanks for the printer and laptops.  We will be able to use our funds to concentrate on the kid’s activities rather than spending money on equipment. It’s a wonderful thing for Morgan Sindall and one of it’s supply chain businesses to do and we really appreciate it.”

Steve Dixon, Morgan Sindall’s senior supply chain manager in the nuclear sector said; “I shared the Cumbria Exchange initiative with members of the Morgan Sindall supply chain because I believe the Cumbria Exchange is a fantastic way for businesses to respond to the needs of local charities, social enterprises and good causes. I am delighted that between Morgan Sindall and O’Neill & Brennan we have managed to supply the equipment to the Autism Support Group.  This demonstrates the great benefit of collaborating within our supply chain.”

Kelly Harkin, Head of Energy & Power for O’Neill & Brennan said “We were so pleased to support such a fantastic cause in the Autism support group. I met with Wendy Askew and she expressed how much the laptops would benefit the charity and the support staff in arranging events and with the day to day running of the charity. We are extremely proud to be involved in the Cumbria Exchange scheme and will continue to support the scheme wherever possible.”

Eugene Meehan, Commercial Director for O’Neill & Brennan commented “ We’re delighted to help the charity through Cumbria Exchange and give the group the technology needed to run their services more effectively.”


Unused equipment was redistributed and utilised by a community group.

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