Roofing Survey

St Peters Community Hall – Roof Survey

St Peters Community Hall on Woodhouse Whitehaven is a multi-use building used by the community for youth provision, fitness and Health & Wellbeing classes. However, the roof is in disrepair resulting in water ingress into the hall itself and causing damage to the rooms inside.
As the committee needed to raise the funds to repair the roof through grants, they decided a survey was the best option going forward, as it would help them identify what was needed and progress to the application stage with funders.
St Peters contacted Cumbria Exchange and put a request on the website for someone to conduct a professional survey of the roof.

A local professional was quick to respond, and a date and time was organised for the survey to take place. They were delighted as she has 17 years’ experience as a professional Civil and Structural Engineer.

The engineer assessed the roof, and the walls where the water ingress had caused damage, but assured the committee the damage was not structural and mainly cosmetic in terms of flaking paintwork.
When the roof is repaired these would soon be rectified, she also took photo’s which have been used as part of the project plan, which has subsequently been submitted to funders to help St Peters obtain the funding needed for the roof repairs to be carried out.

Quote from Jacq Cardy
“The process of using Cumbria Exchange has been simple from start to finish, without their support the committee would have incurred considerable additional costs that can now be put towards the roof repairs”





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