Putting the Jam into JamTent

MusicLinks are a charity providing workshops for disadvantaged individuals and community groups in Cumbria.

The organisation was established in 2002. Since then they have won three national awards for their community projects. One of which, Cumbrio, trained the young promoters who went on to set up Kendal Calling.

One of their most successful projects is called JamTent.

One of the things JamTent does is to bring vulnerable people to Kendal Calling Music Festival each year to introduce them to, and make music with, touring artists from around the world.
MusicLinks were keen to introduce the project to new partners and potential supporters so they wanted to create a professional quality video to promote the project.

In May 2018 Andy Halsey, Chief Executive Officer of MusicLinks, had heard that Cumbria Exchange were keen to bring together local organisations to share skills and support. He made a Support Wanted submission through the newly launched Cumbria Exchange website outlining the outcomes they looked to achieve, this was then published and promoted via the Exchange social media.

Andy said, “we received wonderful support from Vidsmart. The video they created to promote JamTent is of high-quality and has proven to be of great value as we work to increase the impact and awareness of the Jamtent project.“

Vidsmart produce high value video content, that engages and connects people to the message clients want to communicate. They always aim to get to the heart of the emotions that organisations wish to convey to potential supporters and clients, by getting to understand their culture and using this knowledge to produce thoughtful and highly professional video content.

John McKeown from Vidsmart explains why he got involved:

“The MusicLinks charity were looking to have a professionally produced documentary made to highlight the work they do with their JamTent project at the Kendal Calling music festival and as a musician and music lover, I was very interested.

Despite significant funding eventually not being found for the project, I could see what JamTent could mean to people and decided to help with a shorter film project free of charge. I am a great believer in the power of music and when you see the effect first hand, you can’t help but be moved by the results.
It was a pleasure and honour to see the great work that Andy and the team at MusicLinks do with this project and I hope that the short video Vidsmart have produced for them, will help them to raise funds for many years to come, so that more vulnerable children and adults can have this great experience.”

What was achieved?

Why not have a look at the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDTI7JD3qv4


The charity now has a high quality video which can be used to promote the project, engaging additional partners and potential funders and hopefully adding to MusicLink’s and JamTent’s future sustainability.

Where can I find out more about the parties involved?

MusicLinks: http://www.music-links.org.uk/

Vidsmart: http://vidsmart.uk/ 

Anne Broome
Anne is the Cumbria Exchange Coordinator and the first port of call for all things Exchange. Read more from Anne