Office Furniture donated to youth charity frees up funding to make a difference to youngsters

Cumbria Youth Alliance posted a support wanted request on the Cumbria Exchange seeking office furniture to support the expansion of their office in Workington.

The charitable organisation, established in 1997, is dedicated to working with and for young people, across West Cumbria, to enable them to reach their potential.  They focus on improving the lives of young people by supporting them to access employment, training and opportunities to develop as well as improving physical and emotional well-being.

The support wanted request was matched by BEC, owners of Westlakes Science and Technology Park.

Russel Maddams from Cumbria Youth Alliance added “the new office furniture has been brilliant and meant we could furnish our new office with furniture and utilise the funding we have from the Big Lottery on improving outcomes for young people around emotional resilience rather than putting it towards paying for new office furniture.”

Community Officer, Adam Phillips from BEC also commented “we are delighted to support Cumbria Youth Alliance by providing desks for their new emotional resilience project. We are glad to find a purpose for un-used desks and help a local charity.”


What was achieved?
Cumbria Youth Alliance received four desks for the new office extension with under counter draw units.

Unused office furniture was reallocated to a local charity releasing funding to support youngsters and make a difference to lives.

Where can I find out about the parties involved?

Cumbria Youth Alliance –