KAEFER First Aid Training hits the spot!

KAEFER Ltd continue to be committed to the development of the skills and knowledge resource in our local communities. To support this, they extend access for local charities, community groups and SMEs to their existing training provision which is delivered by their in-house training team to the workforce. KAEFER do this by advertising the courses on the Cumbria Exchange and offering spare places on their courses either at no cost for charities and community groups or at a subsidised rate for SMEs.

Since launching this initiative, over 140 participants from a diverse range of charities and community groups from across Cumbria have attended these courses.
Copeland Rungwe Community Link (CRCL) was recently matched through the Cumbria Exchange to their free Emergency First Aid course places.

In Spring 2019, 5 members of CRCL attended a one-day Emergency First Aid course, initially in support of the next phase of their programme which was hosting a 3 week visit of a group of 6 students and 3 Leaders from Tanzania in Summer 2019.
Some attendees are committee members and regular attendees to CRCL monthly student meetings so completion of this course helps meet the requirements of being able to provide first aid during these sessions if required.

The benefits of having completed this first aid training have continued through further phases of the programme by ensuring that members have the confidence and knowledge to effectively deal with an emergency should a situation arise.
Having supervisors trained in first aid enables CRCL to carry out activities safely, for example during selection and preparation weekends at Gillerthwaite, Ennerdale where outside activities such as clearing hedges, building a compost heap storage and planting daffodil bulbs are undertaken.
It also a vital skill to have within the group for their upcoming trip to Tanzania in July 2020, where 5 supervisors will be accompanying the group of 15 students. In addition to which, all who attended the first aid course are ongoing volunteers working with young people and the community doing fundraising events and activities all year round.

Phyllis Fisher, CRCL Committee Member said  “CRCL encourages the students and supervisors to take first aid training where possible, as this enables us to be prepared in the event of any accidents that might occur. Being able to send volunteer members of our organisation on such a course free of charge, makes a huge difference to our finances. Not only that, having received first aid training gives me confidence in assisting if any emergencies arise wherever I am present, whether this is in a public or private environment.”

Mary Kipling from CRCL “We are extremely grateful to Kaefer for providing us with certificated First Aid Training for 5 of our volunteers. The training was high quality and very engaging. Having first aid qualified volunteers enhances our ability to provide safe activities with young people and community members, and to be the first line of defence in the case of an accident”.

Elizabeth Atkinson, Social Impact Manager for KAEFER Ltd said: “We are pleased that we have been able to support such an important and worthwhile local charity and give people vital and potentially lifesaving skills.”
This illustrates that participation in these courses ensures local charities are fully skilled and prepared to manage emergency situations and that it benefits local communities by having more people with these vital skills. This successful initiative is one that KAEFER will continue to offer and places on upcoming courses are regularly advertised via the Cumbria Exchange.

Where do I find out more about the parties involved?

Kaefer Ltd: http:www.kaeferltd.co.uk 

Copeland Rungwe Community Link (CRCL): http://www.crclink.co.uk/

Anne Broome
Anne is the Cumbria Exchange Coordinator and the first port of call for all things Exchange. Read more from Anne