Register as a skills based volunteer

Could your skills be used to make an impact?

Whether you give up an hour of your time, several hours a week or commit to a one-off project, we know that your contribution can make a huge impact.

But we also know that it isn’t always easy to find who to support or how to match your skill (and time) with the right “non profit”.

At the Exchange we are committed to connecting social good organisations with skills-based volunteers  – or what we call “experteers”. By doing this you are able to help that organisation deliver on their mission.

If you are interested in a chat to explore the idea of becoming a skills-based volunteer, then please complete the form below. By completing the form, you aren’t commiting to anything more than an initial conversation.

What kind of skills-based volunteering could you support?

  • Micro volunteering – typically 1 hour, one-off by phone or Skype. 
  • Short-term – typically where a non profit has a one-off fixed term project they need help with.  Once the project is done, so are you! 
  • Long-term – this would typically involve becoming a trustee or Board member for an organisation 


What type of volunteering are you interested in?