About Us

Cumbria Exchange is a free initiative for community organisations and businesses to connect with each other to offer free or in-kind support for mutual benefit. We primarily operate and provide brokerage support in West Cumbria but we also extend our web-based facility to the whole of Cumbria.

By supporting each other, businesses and communities can grow. Each contributing in genuine ways for social and economic good.

Are you a community organisation who could benefit from:

  • Some time or support from an expert?
  • Developing an area of expertise?
  • Some equipment that a business could be looking to part with?

Are you a business who would like to:

  • Support a group or organisation in the local community?
  • Share your knowledge, resources and skills?
  • Offer your employees a different learning/development opportunity; engaging with their local community?


The Exchange has a number of exclusions including requests for sponsorship, cash donations, raffle prizes, general promotion of events and lotteries and business to business activity. Please contact the Cumbria Exchange Coordinator by emailing info@cumbriaexchange.co.uk for further information or to request the full list of exclusions.

Supported By

Below you will find a list of companies that have supported projects via Cumbria Exchange. Logos are added here once case studies are submitted via our website, following the completion of the exchange; whether that’s a business offering equipment or doing work in kind.